So lets talk about gravel bike design. I’ve heard the argument that gravel bikes are pointless, “a mountain bike or cyclocross bike are just fine for the task”, and this is true to a point. Over the years I’ve ridden both on gravel, in varying configurations, I’ve even ridden straight up road bikes with 28’s. All have their strong and weak points. So why not just marry the best of all the bikes? My gravel geo is NOT revolutionary by any stretch, but a road bike rear with short 410mm stays and low BB with a slack 71* HT on 650bx47 wheels/tires is where it’s at (at least for me)! This bike is magical to ride across all types of terrain, it climbs like it should, descends like a beast, still hammers on the asphalt and is all day comfy. (photo by @aelandesphoto )